Search Engine Optimization

Availability: Poland, Zielona Gora, telework

  • organic web page optimization;
  • website audits and analysis (in for eg Google Analytics);
  • web page code optimization;
  • keyword research, or optimalization;
  • code error elimination;
  • the creation of SEO friendly URLs;
  • PPC campaigns (for eg Google Adwords);
  • social network promotion planning;
  • website research and promotion planning (collaboration with specialists in the field);
  • copywriting;
  • blog and forum;
  • adding friends to social networks;

About Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are actions that you can undertake to make your website rank higher in search engines (for egzample Yahoo or Google). You can divide these actions into several stages, such as: the analysis of visitor page traffic, keyword selection, keyword placement, PPC campaigns (Pay Per Click). Some of these actions are time consuming, and some require a budget (PPC campaigns). A skillful keyword selection, adjusted to the company profile, can minimize the amount of money we have to invest to get more potential customers to visit our website.