Polish-English translations

Availibility: Poland, Zielona Góra, teleworking

  • text, website and CV translations;
  • normal, scientific, specialist texts (especially: computer science, photography, design, typography, and philosophy);
  • text formatting preservation (eg. Word, OpenOffice, HTML, XML);
  • price reduction for text formatting, or even free text formatting;
  • sworn translations;

About text translation

Like in many fields of human activity, computers can be a vital part of the translation process. Of course, translation still requires language knowledge, skills and experience. A computer can only assist the translator by ensuring the text's uniformity and giving hints from the glossaries - a set of specific terms from a given field of knowledge. Software used by translators are called CAT software (Computer Aided Translation). They allow to work in teams, and to exchange glossaries and the so-called translation memories.